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  • Professional Makeup Application $80.00
    75 Items

    Hello Beautiful!

    My name is Nour Douk and I'm a professional makeup artist for almost 10 years now. I have worked at MAC Cosmetics for 3 years. Now and a full time freelancer. Since I finished beauty school, I have been working on side for my own benefit. Makeup artistry for numerous weddings, events, photo shoots, proms and many more. I also work with YouTube, creating beauty tutorials.

    Feel free to check out my work:

      • Instagram: @ThePureStyles

    My services:

    I love refection and clean work. I make sure that my work and application is just that.

    1 person - 80$

    More than 1 person - 75$

    Makeup trails - 70$ per person

    Fees will include:

      • Full face makeup application

      • FREE false lashes (needed or not needed, price is still the same.)

      • Transportation

      • Service time

    If you have further than Laval or Montreal. Extra 20$ transportation fees will apply. Paid parking will be added to the service.

    Prices could be negotiated if your more than 5 people.

    If you have any questions or need more information. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


    Phone: (514) 241-3480

    Thank you and hope to do your makeup!


  • Microblading $250.00/Person

    Hello Beautiful!

    Happy to announce that I offer Microblading services now!

    I studied my course at New Age Spa and I have to say... I fell in love with it!

    My services:

    • 250$ For a full application per person

    • 150$ For touch ups per person

    Touch ups should be after a 1 month from the first application.

    Prices might be up in the future, but for now let get our brows on!

    Feel free to check out my work on Instagram @ThePureStyles

    Also please feel free to contact me at any time:


    Phone: (514) 241-3480

    Thank you and hope to give the perfect brows!


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